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Twitter Bounty: 50 COGS



Rules: 1 bounty per posting per twitter account per user.

Simply Post to Twitter and include @Cogmento CRM in the posting, and our web link like this:

“Get Cogmento CRM powered by COGS great software get it today”
“Try Cogmento CRM for Android powered by Ethereum blockchain”

  1. Register here! on this site!
  2. Make sure you put @Cogmento #CRM in the Tweet and say some great stuff about us and include the link to the Android app
  3. Post a screenshot / pic here with the username and your Ethereum Address
  4. We’ll send you 50 COGS!
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App Bounty: 100 COGS

COGS App Store Review Bounty #1


Official Rules: only 1 entry per person. We will find out if you cheat. Be fair and honest!

  1. Register on the Airdrop Site Here. This is how we award COGS!
  2. Register for COGS Open Beta & Login using MetaMask at
  3. Join our TELEGRAM Follow us on TWITTER . Like & Share ANYTHING for Cogmento page on FACEBOOK. please!
  4. Download iOS or Android app and give it a review in the app store — your review & post here as a comment with a screen shot of your download and review in the app store.
  5. Please write more than “Good Project” — we are a CRM – Customer Relationship Management app that competes with! Our software helps track leads and convert more sales, automate call centers and service fleets — CRM is powerful software.
  6. Make sure we get the link to your comment too if you can
  7. Submit to this forum as a comment with all your information + ETHEREUM ADDRESS for 100 COGS

Android App:

iTunes / iOS: