COGS Token Distribution 2023

Cogmento is the world’s first universal system for Verifiable Credentials Management.

Cogmento’s COGS platform will enable anyone, anywhere, with verified credential management software and applications.  Verified Credentials are the foundation of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and their use is tied to a superior security model that is transforming software.  Cogmento’s COGS platform is a technology-agnostic platform for verified credential management and publication that empowers everyone with SSI.

COGS Tokens

COGS are universal utility tokens that exist on a variety of blockchains.  COGS purpose and utility is redemption for SaaS services, such as creating a credential or using the software as a service.  COGS are available on Polygon, BSC, and Algorand, however, the utility applications for conducting SaaS are not yet available on many of these applications but will be rolled out 2023-2024. 


The original COGS ERC-20 Tokens will be used for DAO management and governance on Ethereum.  Thus, COGS on Ethereum are not utility tokens and will be reserved for DAO governance.

COGS Distribution

100 COGS are free for individuals per network for their estimated use of SaaS, where every human will consume COGS in SaaS utility and 100 COGS would represent years of SaaS utility consumption.  100 COGS are the initial distribution per individual on a Proof-of-Humanity application, where each human proof will receive 100 COGS on a particular network. 

Polygon COGS Distribution Link

BSC COGS Distribution Link

Avalanche COGS Distribution Link

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